Should you opt for a Lab Grown Diamonds?

With the multitude of options available in today’s times, it is very natural to get confused about whether to select a natural diamond or opt for a lab-grown diamond. Well, the decision is entirely on what appeals to you the most – whether you find the rarity of the diamond attractive or the fact that it has been created by the forces of nature over billions of years, or if you would rather go in for a diamond that looks justt he same as a natural but is much lower-priced and that you know exactly from where has it originated.

Lab-Created or Lab Grown Engagement Rings have been around for more than a decade now but have seen a soar in popularity only recently. There are many factors that have led to the growth in sales of lab-grown rings, which is what we will explore in this blog.

1. Budget Friendly

As per the historic data,Lab-grown diamond engagement rings come at almost a 40% lower price than natural diamonds. Natural diamonds are mined from deep within the earth, and this process is time-consuming as well as expensive.Owing to the resources required to invest in the process and the effort required for the mining process, natural diamonds command a premium price. Lab-Grown Diamonds are made in a controlled environment with minimal use of resources and are made much quicker. This makes them more accessible and reasonably priced.

2. Lab-Grown Diamonds look the same as Natural DiamondsOne of the biggest plus points of lab-grown diamonds is that they look exactly the same as natural diamonds. The reason is that their chemical composition is the same and also possess the same physical properties as natural diamonds.Once cut and polished into a finished diamond, they have the same refractive index that gives the sparkle. Lab-Grown diamonds also have a hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale, which is the same as natural diamonds.

3. They are a more sustainable option

When one purchases a lab-grown diamond, one can be sure to know its origin. As all the processes of creating a lab-grown diamond are done in a laboratory, it eliminates the extraction process necessary to mine a natural diamond. Lab-Grown diamonds have minimal environmental impacts, and some growers also use solar energy partially in processing lab-grown diamonds.

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